Hazardous area electrical contractors put people first

April 29, 2016

At Hazardous Area Solutions we proudly put people first by making safety our priority every job we tackle.

As leading hazardous area electrical contractors, our highly-trained technicians understand the science behind hazardous materials and electrical systems. They’re experts and they embrace our people-first policy when it comes to safety. It’s one of our company’s core values and it’s helped us maintain an enviable safety record and a growing client base.

When clients employ us to carry out work, they do so in the knowledge that we have the utmost regard for their business. Selecting us to work on their project or premises is an investment in protecting their personnel, their property and their livelihood from physical injury, fire and explosion.

We’ve achieved, and continue to maintain, our high safety standards for personnel through hard work, built on a strong frame of accredited training, competency and experience.

We also value and respect our talented electrical and instrumentation employees and hold regular communication meetings to share technical knowledge, experiences and installation techniques within our own organisation. This helps us to maintain our high level of hazardous area wiring techniques across the business.

Hazardous Area Solutions sets the bar high when it comes to performance and expects and encourages a high safety culture within its workforce. When you work in a high-risk environment this approach simply makes good sense. And it can save people from injury and death and property from damage.

Our industry-specific electrical and instrumentation workers are fully conversant on hazardous area electrical installations and are well trained to constantly identify risks and develop solutions. They deliver excellent results within industries that have potential explosive atmosphere present requiring special installation precautions to avoid catastrophic events.

Our clients invest high levels of time, money and effort into building their businesses. Selecting Hazardous Area Solutions is a return on investment for these businesses, with our commitment to electrical safety within our own team and on the job a key way to enhance people, safety and reputation.

By putting people first all the way down the line, we don’t just parrot this important core company value, we live it. As leading hazardous area electrical contractors, it’s helped us maintain an impressive safety record for our business and our clients. Please contact us at Hazardous Area Solutions if you would like more information.

Estimator with experience in industrial and hazardous environments. Interested in the advances and affordability of new technologies and implementing them for our clients.