Hazardous area reducing the risk

June 2, 2016

When your business is faced with a risk there is a duty of care to eliminate or reduce that risk to a manageable and acceptable level. This control or elimination of the risk is paramount not only because the law requires it, but also your employees, shareholders and community do not want a catastrophic event will to occur in their neighborhood for fear of damaging reputation.

In the chemical industry and certain material handling industries there is the potential for such an event with fire and explosion being the risk. To reduce that risk it is necessary to identify the hazardous environment by using trained personnel to classify the area, select and install appropriate equipment by trained installers and audit the work to ensure compliance.

At Hazardous Area Solutions we are able to facilitate the process of reducing the risk from electrical equipment being the spark that causes the explosion in hazardous atmospheres. Hazardous Area Solutions will provide the trained personnel to install instrument and electrical equipment suitable for the classified hazardous area environment.

Hazardous Area Solution will also provide hazardous area electricians to perform the periodic inspection and auditing of the equipment installed to identify degradation or failure and implement a routine maintenance plan or repair based on written reports which can be maintained on your behalf and statutory requirements. The services provided by Hazardous Area Solutions are part of the risk management process expected by management, shareholders, communities and employees to provide that safe place of work.

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