Hazardous Area to be or not to be, that is the question?

August 18, 2016

In this day and age with the ease at which we can research material and engage specialists, project design and management should be simple.

We are seeing more instances of imported and locally designed equipment that require wiring and equipment modifications before it can be used in the field.

An experienced Project Manager once told me that an update at the drawing board costs as little as $100, that same change at the manufacturing stage could cost $1,000. Then if performed in the field that change could equate to $10,000.

The early investment by utilising Hazardous Area Solutions takes the unknown costs away. We are able to provide help with technical guidance, arrange pre-inspections, advice and help with maintaining and keeping statutory records, installation wiring and auditing of all hazardous area installations to provide our clients with peace of mind so they can concentrate on their core business of operating the plant.

At Hazardous Area Solutions we are able to provide assistance for all types of hazardous area manufacturing, refining or storage facilities.

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Estimator with experience in industrial and hazardous environments. Interested in the advances and affordability of new technologies and implementing them for our clients.