Hazardous Area Statutory Requirements

November 22, 2016

Industrial plants and factories located in your area can have potential explosive atmospheres if an uncontrolled release occurs. Some of these industrial plants and factories include commercial bakeries, breweries and distilleries, plastics factories, oil refineries, coal mines, gas pipelines and pumping stations to name a few. For example, we have seen the videos of people filling up at service stations and through static electricity or smoking a fire starts. If an event like this was to occur in one of the industrial plants then explosions and fires would possibly result in injury or death along with property damage. The consequences as a result of this is loss of life, property damage, brand reputation and community standing. With this damage through an incident community perception would almost make it impossible to continue manufacturing. The movie about Piper Alpha has brought attention to this on the big screen.

Hazardous area solutions are able to provide personnel to ensure electrical safety legislation to AS/NZS 3000:2007 and in hazardous areas compliance with AS/NZS60079.14. This compliance is mandatory for the selection , installation and maintenance of electrical equipment in hazardous areas on industrial plants. The statutory requirements for facilities with hazardous areas are well documented and unless there is a constant program to train and up skill your workforce then compliance should not be left to chance.
Hazardous Area Solutions have the appropriately trained, competent and skilled electrical trades with recognised credentials therefore eliminating the risk with electrical installations and manage statutory compliance on your behalf for hazardous areas.

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