Yearly Archive: 2017

Hazardous Area Intrinsically Safe Systems

July 19, 2017When it comes to the design and selection of equipment in hazardous areas, intrinsically safe circuits become part of the discussion. The principle behind intrinsically safe circuits is that of energy limitation, in other words sparks may be produced by switching contacts but there is not enough energy to ignite the explosive atmosphere. Having an...
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Hazardous Area Statutory Requirements Victoria

May 8, 2017When asked the question regarding replacement of equipment in hazardous area environments for Victoria, I refer back to the Energy Safe Victoria Electrical Safety (Installations) Regulations 2009 – Prescribed electrical installation work publication in October 2012. This publication has a section specifically for equipment in hazardous areas and provides guidance on what prescribed work and...
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Hazardous area Ex d fundamentals

February 9, 2017In a hazardous area environment where you have Ex d equipment installed, it’s important to understand a few fundamentals of this equipment’s protection level. Ex d equipment is generally made from robust materials such as alloys and has numerous threads or bolts to secure the lid.  This design gives you a clue as to the...
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