Hazardous Area Statutory Requirements Victoria

May 8, 2017

When asked the question regarding replacement of equipment in hazardous area environments for Victoria, I refer back to the Energy Safe Victoria Electrical Safety (Installations) Regulations 2009 – Prescribed electrical installation work publication in October 2012. This publication has a section specifically for equipment in hazardous areas and provides guidance on what prescribed work and non prescribed work is for existing installations. Some examples of non prescribed work includes the repair of conductor insulation or connection, replacement of a single electrical equipment component that is like for like with the same current rating and/or same hazardous area classification characteristics where it does involve re-routing the existing cable. In Victoria the prescribed hazardous area work requires an electrical inspection by an independent entity for the purpose of verifying the installation work is performed to a standard prior to energisation and use in a hazardous area environment. Hazardous Area Solutions facilitates the installation compliance for your hazardous area wiring to ensures statutory compliance is met by wiring to the AS/NZS 60079 series of standards. Other States and territories have their own requirements for signing work off before handing over to the client but one area is consistent the need for all the work conducted in hazardous areas to be recorded and updated in the dossier which is kept at the facility and is the responsibility of the owner operator to maintain its currency. At Hazardous Area Solutions we can manage and maintain the dossier documentation on behalf of the client.

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