Hazardous area electrician for consultations & administration

Our team at Hazardous Area Solutions is committed to ensuring your facility meets Australian compliance requirements and is of the highest safety standard. The hazardous area classification provides a thorough analysis of potential electrical hazards at your site, including flammable mists, vapours and gases, or combustible dusts and fibres. This is necessary for operators of any hazardous facility’s including refineries, terminals and storage facilities, or small or large manufacturing plants with hazardous classified zones.

At Hazardous Area Solutions we send qualified and experienced staff to sites Australia-wide to identify the sites hazardous area classification. This is a system devised to analyse potential explosive or flammable hazards to minimise risk around electrical systems and ensure personnel, community   and plant safety. Our service also includes assessments of hazardous area equipment to ensure it’s running efficiently and safely and being used according to appropriate safety standards.

Along with hazardous area classifications, our hazardous area electricians provide a range of other services, including hazardous area wiring.

For enquiries contact the team at Hazardous Areas Solutions.