Hazardous area design

We specialise in hazardous area design so that any new or existing projects with hazardous area electrical risks will meet the required Australian Standards. Our experienced team of will conduct a thorough assessment of your project needs and  develop a solution that meets required safety guidelines, minimises risks to your business and importantly, prevents harm to the people behind the business. As part of our service we can also evaluate the engineering components that need to be considered within the overall project safety standards.

Our hazardous experienced team consider the most appropriate equipment requirements for each individual project to ensure your plant or facility is fit for whatever hazards might be involved. Our trained team considers the small details which can have a substantial impact on your electrical safety and ability to operate a hazardous area facility. As well as hazardous area design, our team carry out electrical installations or maintenance of electrical equipment in hazardous locations.

For enquiries or for more information please contact Hazardous Areas Solutions.