Hazardous area engineering

Hazardous area engineering is a crucial component to consider in any project or workplace where there are increased risks associated with the use of electrical equipment. Implementing complex systems and controls that co-ordinate the electrical needs of an entire industrial facility is a task for experienced specialists. Add in the potential risks associated with combustible materials and high operating temperatures and there’s an even greater need to use a skilled hazardous area specialist  to ensure a safe environment.

The trained and highly professional team at Hazardous Area Solutions come to the fore by minimising the potential risks of electrical ignition sources  in an explosive environment. Our hazardous area team travel Australia-wide to consider and implement the engineering components of complex to smaller projects, having gained specialist experience from years of exposure in the industry.

Call and speak to us about how our hazardous area engineering team can help you or find out about the other services we offer in the hazardous area electrical field, including hazardous are design and hazardous area classification.