Hazardous Area Solutions FAQ

What is a hazardous area?

A hazardous area classification is one in which concentrations of flammable substances are present or can be expected to be present. These concentrations are at a level which requires specific safety standards and precautions to be taken in the construction, installation and maintenance of all electrical equipment.

What are the substances that hazardous area electricians need to consider?

Hazardous area electrical contractors consider the presence of flammable gas, vapours, liquids, dust fibres or flyings. Electrical installations in hazardous locations are designed and tested to ensure they will not produce an explosion due to an electrical breakdown or high surface temperature of equipment.

What are some of the obligations of an owner with a hazardous area facility?

  • To ensure a hazardous area classification has been carried out (listing what zones present in the facility, Gas Group and temperature ratings for the zones.
  • That electrical installations in hazardous areas pass the hazardous area inspection test and are found to be safe for connection to the electricity supply.
  • That written documentation of the hazardous area is provided, including Hazardous Area Verification Dossier.
  • Maintain the requirements stipulated in the audit for the life of the electrical installations in the hazardous location.

Why is Hazardous Area Solutions the company to use?

Hazardous Area Solutions has you covered for everything you need to pass the Australian Standards of an electrical hazardous area inspection. We can take care of the following areas:

Where do Hazardous Area Solutions travel?

Our hazardous area electricians will go anywhere in Australia to service clients.

Contact us if you have hazardous area electrical work and need a quality and experienced electricians to take care of the job.