Hazardous area electricians

Specialising in hazardous area electrical work

If you need a hazardous area electrician to complete highly specialised hazardous area electrical work, the team at Hazardous Area Solutions has you covered.

The electricians we hire are qualified and inducted into the company in a comprehensive manner to cover all our safety requirements and stringent processes. Our electrical contractors don’t work unless they are clear on our safety standards and demonstrate the ability to follow process.

Our hazardous area electrical services cover:

We are dedicated to our corporate social responsibility and monitor our environmental impact. When it comes to hazardous area electrical work, we care about:

  • the safety of your staff and workplace, including hazardous area equipment fit for use
  • the safety of our electricians on all projects big and small
  • the safety of the general public, in the vicinity of hazardous area plants.

The commitment of individual hazardous area electricians and our entire team together is shown by our clean safety record. Every contractor is accountable and as a team we work on hazardous area projects with confidence and care.

Please contact us to discuss your needs Australia-wide.