Hazardous area wiring

Hazardous area wiring is an important aspect of your hazardous area location and one that needs strict attention to detail and the ability to meet compliance standards. Hazardous Area Solutions uses certified equipment to install hazardous area wiring, which allows us to provide you with statutory documentation for your facility.

It’s little wonder wiring is such a strictly monitored area of the industry, given the risk electrical wiring presents in a hazardous location. Incorrectly installed wiring presents the risk of igniting a fire or worse, explosion. And at Hazardous Area Solutions, we take no risks when it comes to the safety of people.

Our electricians ensure:

  • the most appropriate wiring system is installed
  • wiring enclosures are protected from mechanical damage
  • cables are sealed where needed to prevent migration of gases
  • appropriate equipment is used during wiring installations to reduce sparking.

Regular wiring materials, equipment and techniques are not robust enough to withstand the demanding requirements of a hazardous area location. Our electrical contractors work with highly specialised equipment and materials to ensure safety, integrity and longevity.

To find out more about hazardous area wiring, please contact us. We specialise in a range of other hazardous area electrical work, including hazardous area engineering.